What's this? 1.15

I just received word from one of the Big Four accounting firms, who because of pending litigation I can not divulge, that I was a little premature in awarding the 2006 What's this? championship to Drew "He's No Longer Known as The Enforcer, but The Schwab" Pelto.

Especially now that slegr_71, or Tracy, knew that last week's item was, indeed, the original Stanley Cup.

Though the Readers have easily sewn up the competition, breezing to a 10-4 lead, the head-to-head competition remains alive and well.

With three weeks remaining for this year's competition, here are those results:

Drew: 5
Tracy: 3.5
Wicked Bruins Fan Jaci: 1.5

Granted, Drew's magic number has dwindled to two, but Tracy remains in the game. Of course, a new player could win this week's contest, too.

Even better, I've saved my three favorite items for last. As always, they're hockey-related and answers must be submitted in the form of a comment.

Let the games begin!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that would be the starting left wing on the Senate's hockey team, John Kerry.

If this gets sent like 60 times, I apologize. For some reason it's not letting me comment.

1:15 PM  

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