Hockey housekeeping

Forgive me if it sounds like I'm whining, but I need to improve my logistical skills. Because I ran out of puck squares to display and/or store autographed pucks, they started to pile up around the desk, display cases and any other flat surface within arm's reach.

With the arrival of cases, my big chore today was to catalogue and case 73 pucks obtained since Nov. 11. Highlights included pucks No. 1,072 (Ottawa's Wade Redden) and 1,100 (Buffalo's Andrew Peters), University of Vermont pucks signed by Tampa Bay's Eric Perrin and Marty St. Louis and four signed by Anaheim's Teemu Selanne.

For the record, the collection has grown by 113 autographed pucks since the start of the regular season.

Granted, archiving pucks isn't the most physical work I've done (washing dishes, doing laundry and taking out the trash today alone topped that), but after stringing up more than 1,500 Christmas lights yesterday, my upper body creaks at the slightest amount of effort today.

Please, no pity parties. Besides, the only remaining task on today's to-do list is to watch the Penguins-Capitals game tonight. That, other than staying awake, will require little effort.

As for hockey housekeeping, all that's left to put away are the 400 autographed cards we've collected since training camp opened. Maybe, just maybe, I'll do that tomorrow.

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