What's this? 1.14

In proving a point that chicanery seldom works, congratulations are bestowed upon Tracy, or slegr_71, for her correct answer that last week's item were rolls of tapes, and not pucks.

I purposely used that photo in hopes of tripping up contestants, but it didn't work. Please accept my apologies. For the record, it's now Readers 9, Puckhound 4.

I did enjoy one suggestion that the item was a stack of Little Debbie cakes. My guess, though, is that they would have been a little sticky.

This week's item is fairly straightforward. It comes from hockey.

Remember, too, that answers must be submitted within comments. And, please, to borrow a line from David Letterman, no wagering at home.

Also, here are the correct answers to last week's team trivia quiz:
1-A; 2-C; 3-D; and 4-B.



Blogger slegr_71 said...

It's the original Stanley Cup.

10:18 AM  

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