Maybe next time, Dave

Of all the things I could write about today -- from the hunt to find the Sabres to having one of my the best-ever days of hounding -- the one thing I'll share with you now is my disappointment with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It's not because they lost, 4-1, to my beloved Buffalo Sabres. No, I was wearing an Ryan Miller-autographed practice-used (loaded with pucks marks, even on the nose of the logo) official Sabres practice jersey and was exulting, much to Colin's dismay, whenever they scored.

My disappointment comes from one thing. The Lightning did not retire Dave Andreychuk's No. 25 on Dave Andreychuk Night. Sure, they played messages from Scotty Bowman and Doug Gilmour. They showed highlights from his career. And, yes, they gave him gifts, including a rocking chair, a walker on skates and a golf trip to Ireland.

What they didn't do was something that would have cost very little, in a monetary sense, but would have reaped huge rewards for showing how classy the organization could have been. Sadly, though, the Tampa Bay Lightning organization missed a wide-open net.

Not only would have raising No. 25 to the rafters of the St. Pete Times Forum honored one of the game's and Lightning's best, but it would also have forever given the Lightning faithful a pleasant memory of one wonderfully magical season.

P.S. I promise I'll file reports tomorrow on hounding the Sabres. It was well worth the effort.

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