Review: NHL Fleer Hockey

More than anything else, I have to give this set a passing grade based on one attribute: they don't have to be erased to remove the glossy coating. Just like the 2005-06 Parkhurst Hockey, another Upper Deck product, these non-glossy cards save plenty of set-up time.

Another thing I like about this set is how an effort was made to show some, but not all, of the summer free-agent signings (shown above) in their new uniforms. Again, it's my belief that I'd rather get a card of Ottawa's Chris Kelly or Denis Hamel than one showing Martin Gerber shown in his Carolina Hurricanes uniform.

With a low price, you shouldn't expect too many premiums, namely jersey cards or autographs. There are a couple of neat insert sets, though. The Netminders, in particular, will be put to use over the rest of the season.

You might be disappointed in the rookie offerings, too. Most are late-season callups with only regional interest at best.

For the money, though, this NHL Fleer Hockey set should become a staple for any card-carrying hound.

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