Erasing an Ovechkin

Whenever the Washington Capitals come to town, uber-phenom Alexander Ovechkin is at the top of every hound’s must-get list. Yesterday, as we waited (The team’s arrival was delayed by three hours) outside the hotel, was no different. Hounds had pucks, pictures, a mini-helmet and a CCM Vector stick.

Ovechkin, to his credit, obliged a few hounds. Unfortunately, he used just one silver Sharpie, one apparently that was low on ink. Either way, I got the traditional "AO8" on a Capitals puck, but the scribble, and that’s really all it is, was very thin. So thin, in fact, that I nearly rubbed it off of the puck (see above) by hand.

I was tempted to try and fill it in, but I felt it would be cheating. Hopefully, I’ll have him sign it again, this time using one of my trusted paint pens. Sure, it pains me to do this, but I’d rather have a quality scribble, so to speak, than what I got yesterday.

Besides, it's not like it was the first puck I've had signed by Ovechkin.

And even despite getting a few cards signed by Ben Clymer, Jamie Heward and Brent Johnson, it was hard to walk away and not be disappointed.

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