It's hard to say no

In a day when we added 82 autographs to our collection, there certainly isn’t any shortage of stories to tell. I’d love to write about a dealer tearing up an 8x10 after getting stiffed by Daniel Alfredsson. I could even write about Martin Gerber’s refusal to sign pictures showing him holding the Stanley Cup.

The story that will stick with me, though, involves Ottawa sniper Jason Spezza.

It should be common knowledge among the handful of regular readers that I always set up our son, Colin, with a homemade, cheap-skate team sheet whenever we go hounding before a game. Earlier today, with the Senators in town, was no different. Colin had his sheet and his Sharpie.

As the players made their way from the team hotel, he’d run up and ask them to sign. He hasn’t heard a "no" yet. Sometimes, though, the scrum surrounding star players, such as the one that engulfed Spezza, can be a bit overwhelming.

Spezza signed for a few minutes and then made his way to the team bus. Colin, however, wasn’t deterred. He ran after Spezza, following him to the steps of the bus, and asked him, very loudly, to sign. Spezza stopped, turned around and looked down. As is often the response to that type of request, a wide smile washed across Spezza’s face.

Not only did Spezza oblige, but he pulled the sheet from under the clipboard’s holder and signed right at the top, becoming the 23rd player, coach or general manager to make a little boy’s day.

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