A matinee kind of day

In a few select NHL cities this afternoon, plenty of fathers and their children will be continuing, establishing or renewing a family tradition.

As a majority of moms across North America head out to stores to begin their holiday shopping, the rest of the family, if they're lucky, will be taking in an NHL game beginning in just a few hours.

This year, afternoon matinees will be held in Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Uniondale and Anaheim. We have a game in Tampa, too, but it doesn't start until 8 p.m. Unfortunately, I'll be at work. Lisa and Colin, though, should have a great time.

Last season, when we were still living in New England, Colin and I took in a game on the day after Thanksgiving between the Flyers and Bruins at the TD Banknorth Garden. To be honest, I can't remember who won that afternoon. What I do remember, though, was a
lesson learned.

And though I won't be at the game tonight, I'll take some comfort in knowing that we'll all be at the Senators-Lightning game on Sunday. And, who knows, maybe the Lightning will have a post-Thanksgiving Day matinee next year.



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