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Though I've yet to cast a single ballot for the 2007 NHL All Star Game, I know the ones I do submit will include these write-in picks, just so they are recognized for their efforts:

Forward: Ben Clymer, Washington Capitals
Forward: Jay Pandolfo, New Jersey Devils
Forward: Matthew Barnaby, Dallas Stars
Defense: Zbynek Michalek, Phoenix Coyotes
Defense: Niclas Wallin, Carolina Hurricanes
Goalie: Johan Holmqvist, Tampa Bay Lightning

Insert punchline here

Make up an ending to this Thanksgiving Day/hockey joke:

Q: Why did the turkey ice the puck?
A: Because it wanted . . .

Something to ponder

What player, past or present, deserves to have his/her own balloon in the Macy's parade? I'm thinking Toronto's Darcy Tucker. He's full of hot air and maybe, just maybe, something will come along and knock the wind out of him.

Christmas shopping

Just in case you'll be among the millions who will pack the malls, Old Navys and Wal-Marts across North America on Friday (I'm done with my shopping, thank you very much), you might want to pick up these items for the following teams:

Boston Bruins: A healthy goalie who can overcome an inconsistent defense.
Buffalo Sabres: Future credits for their high-octane offense, just in case they need it in April, May and, hopefully, deep into June.
Phoenix Coyotes: As much nonaddictive anti-anxiety medicine as possible for Wayne Gretzky, before The Great One goes over the edge.
Pittsburgh Penguins: Patience. Nothing more, nothing less. Top to bottom, they will be scary good, wicked-scary good, in a very short time. And it's not just Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, either. How about (in no particular order, other than alphabetically) Colby Armstrong, Marc-Andre Fleury, Brooks Orpik, Noah Welch and Ryan Whitney?
San Jose Sharks: A killer instinct. They have the talent, but they lack their nickname's frightening attribute. In my opinion, Joey Thornton must start playing with a little more of an edge, or the Sharks will keep looking up the Ducks you-know-what.
Tampa Bay Lightning: The biggest case of consistency that can be found, as well as some decent officiating. If not, maybe Gretzky will share some of his stash with John Tortorella.

A little trivia, too

Can you match the following teams to their respective professional leagues? I've included links, too, to the leagues, making it even easier.

1.) Columbus Cottonmouths
2.) Chicago Hounds
3.) Idaho Steelheads
4.) Youngstown Steelhounds


Congratulations to Hound Central 2.0 legend Drew "The Enforcer" Pelto for his correct answers in last week's trivia quiz. Not only does Drew own Hound Central 2.0's weekly What's This? contest, but he's the only person who's fan enough to try.

Last week's answers: 1-B; 2-A; 3-D; and 4-C

The correct answers for this week's quiz will appear next week.

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Blogger slegr_71 said...

Quiz answers:
1. C
2. B
3. D
4. A

As far as Macy's balloons, I think Sean Avery might qualify as well. So would Tiger Williams. :D

2:36 PM  

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