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Every time a team comes to town, my goal is simple –- get at least one autograph from every player. To the best of my knowledge, though, I’ve always come up short. Some players won’t take the time to sign. Some teams, too, will parade to the bus. And, every once in awhile, I neglect to make a cheap-skate card for a player.

In the case of the Buffalo Sabres, however, there was no need for cheap-skate cards. By making a point to pick up team sets of the Rochester Americans, the Sabres’ American Hockey League affiliate, I usually have at least a couple of cards for younger players.

Want proof? Eleven of the 21 cards I got signed Tuesday, including the five shown above of Paul Gaustad, Jiri Novotny, Nathan Paetsch, Daniel Paille and Jason Pominville, came from Rochester Americans team sets. They might be a little expensive, but they're well worth it.

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