Hockey Word Association 1.3

I know it's late. I know I'm weary. And I hope your plans don't include me.

If they do, though, here are this week's suggestions:

1.) Cross-ice pass =
2.) Peter Forsberg =
3.) Road trip =
4.) Breakaway =
5.) Jordan Staal =



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Likely to be picked off
2. Talented but injury prone
3. Great Movie
4. Pat LaFontaine
5. Overshadowed

10:39 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

Cross-ice pass: something the Wildcats need to quit doing

Peter Forsberg: wuss, even though my fiancee will give me a beating for saying that

Road trip: on one right now!

Breakaway: total excitement

Jordal Staal: Calder winner?

2:39 AM  

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