I made my choice

In addition to witnessing one of the closest finishes ever at a Daytona 500, here are three more reasons why I watched the race yesterday instead of the Penguins-Capitals game:

~ NHL players aren't humanly capable of reaching speeds of 180-plus mph. Besides, I just can't get enough of those speed shots of the cars coming off turns 2 and 4.

~ NASCAR drivers can finish a race upside-down, skidding along on the car's roof, as a fire breaks out in the engine compartment. Thankfully, the driver, Clint Bowyer, wasn't hurt.

~ NASCAR announcers wouldn't even consider ripping 85-mph wrist shots past 10-year-old goalies. And they certainly wouldn't chuckle about it afterwards.

I will say, though, that NASCAR ought to mandate TV timeouts into the race so networks can run commercials. My chief complaint is that something notable (lead change, wreck, etc.) usually occurs whenever a network breaks away from a race to conduct a little business.


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