Valentine's Day gift guide

In conducting a highly unscientific and biased study of Valentine's Day commercials, I've found that not a single one is geared toward the ladies. Mostly, they're designed to guilt men into buying everything from diamonds to bustiers to roses to a box of high-end chocolates.

I'm sorry, but aren't these commercials a little sexist? As far as I know, Valentine's Day is a two-way street. Though I'm reminded, on a daily basis, that women are smarter than men, I believe there's an unfulfilled advertising niche.

So, ladies, to even the playing field, so to speak, here are some suggestions to show your hockey-loving man that you do, indeed, care for him:

~ Tickets to this weekend's game, be it in the National Hockey League to the Southern Professional Hockey League.

~ One of those slick new RBK Edge jerseys. Sure, they may cost a pretty penny, but they are lighter, more form-fitting in design and have greater moisture-wicking technology.

~ A box or two, not a couple of packs, of Upper Deck Hockey Series II cards. You must know, too, that the Evgeni Malkin Young Guns rookie card, if he's lucky enough to pull one, will be worth considerably more than that $39.99 trinket he bought you at Wal-Mart.

~ A Bauer Vapor XXX Lite hockey stick. Don't worry, he'll know what to do with it. Just make sure you know if he's left-handed or right-handed. It'll makes a world of difference.

~ Round-trip tickets, lodging and meals for two to Toronto as well as admission to the Hockey Hall of Fame. You're on your own, though, trying to get tickets to a Leafs game.

Oh, yeah, don't forget a Valentine's Day card for him, too.

You can thank me later.

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