Cujo rhymes with . . .

As much as I dislike Phoenix’s Curtis Joseph following a run-in last season in Boston, I was tickled to see that he might have remembered our exchange last year at Mathews Arena at Northeastern University.

In between signing autographs and offering smug comments, he paused long enough to look at me, divert his eyes and then snap his gaze, which betrayed what I believe to be recognition, right back at me.

All I could do was smile and then mouth the phrase, "Hello, ***hole!"

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Anonymous bri said...

yikes - guess you caught him on the wrong day. or maybe he's like this more than most players.

I used to be an autohound (now I'm mostly just into collecting cards, again) and it was fun but I definitely did run into the occassional jerk and the occassional "dealer", both of which help spoil the hobby for all. most were gracious, but I wonder if any of the few bad players would have reacted if they'd known I never sold a single autograph out of all those collected.

I'm just surprised he remembered you from like, 14 months ago. wow. I live closest to Anaheim, but my dad is quite a Cujo fan. I wonder how the guy would react if I caught him after a practice and told him the puck was a present for my 72 year old father!

2:34 AM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

Maybe he's different out West because the Coyotes travel there more often, but he always smug while signing, insinuating that everyone is a dealer.

10:13 AM  

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