Checking in with the B's

After conducting a little research, touching base with some sources and playing up a hunch, I was fortunate enough to be the only hound this morning waiting for the Boston Bruins as they headed to a practice over in Brandon.

My motivation for the trip over to Tampa was far more than autographs. Sure, I added another 14 autographs to the collection, including four pucks from Zdeno Chara. What I really wanted to do was check in with Patrice Bergeron and let him know that his little buddy was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

Fortunately, I was able to see Patrice and pass along our best wishes. He assured me that he was feeling better, enjoying his brief time in Florida (he didn’t catch any fish) and he’d be playing against the Lightning.

I told Patrice that Colin had been wrestling with what to wear to Friday’s game – either his autographed Bergeron jersey or his Lightning jersey. Not surprisingly, Patrice weighed in.

"You tell him he better wear his Bergeron jersey," he said.

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Anonymous Jaci said...

That's awesome that you had the Bruins all to yourself. Easy decision for Patrice too. ;)

1:38 PM  

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