Hockey Word Association 1.0

Because I get bored easily (too easily, probably), I've always been a fan of mental exercises. During these idle moments, I'll run numbers through my head or I'll rewrite song lyrics or I'll play connect the dots with items within my surroundings.

Hell, I even came up what I believe to be the world's shortest, though sophomoric, logical argument (I know there's a word for this, but it escapes me now) during a drive along New Hampshire's Rye Beach at low tide one afternoon:

Fish poop.
Poop stinks.
Fish poop stinks.

Most times, though, I resort to word associations. You know? Someone says a word or phrase and, provided you're not too busy or zoned out on Lord knows what, you provide the first word that comes to your mind. Pretty simple, eh?

Please know, too, that I don't expect answers in comments. Just jot your answers down (using, of course, a fresh blue Sharpie) on a scrap of paper, the palm of a hand (doesn't have to be yours) or some freshly painted wall.

Let's give it a try (my responses; no copying):

1.) Gary Bettman = (Who's kidding who?)
2.) Nashville Predators = (Take 'em seriously)
3.) Composite sticks = (Too brittle for the bucks)
4.) Hockey blogs = (very few like mine)
5.) Kick saves = (are always beauties)



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