Hockey Arcade is shutting down

OK, folks, here's the deal. I've been doing these Hockey Arcades for a month now and I'm only getting, at most, two responses. I tried to make it interesting as well as informative. My goal was to show that there was more to hockey than just the NHL.

Though it certainly wasn't heavy lifting on my part, preparing these took the longest of any of the 260-plus posts I've done this season. And even though I had fun doining it, I'd rather write about other hockey-related matters, especially as we near the trade deadline and the push for the playoffs.

If this is a disappointment, please accept my apologies. And to Drew, Jaci and Slegr_71, I appreciate your loyalty.

That doesn't mean, though, that I'm giving up on fun. Keep an eye out for a new feature: Hockey Word Association. I tried it during a recent "Ten questions with" interview and found it quite amusing. Please know, too, that comments on this aren't required. Hopefully, it'll provide some levity during breaks at work, classes or intermissions.

To provide closure, here are the answers to Hockey Arcade 1.2:

What's this? 2.2: The Cleveland Barons logo. You were close, Drew.
Who am I? Aaron Asham, Lasse Kukonen, Nikolai Zherdev, Patrick Rissmiller and Yotaka Fukufuji
Team quiz: 1-c; 2-a; 3-b; 4-d; and 5-e
They play the game: 1-d; 2-c; 3-e; 4-a; and 5-b
Brainbuster: Columbus' Fredrik Modin played for Brynas IF Gavle during the 1995-96 season of the Swedish Elite League.

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