The French Correction

Maybe it's because I've spent more than half of my life looking for and correcting mistakes, but isn't there something wrong with this picture from the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association's Web site?

How deep are my roots? As a kid and teen, growing up in western New York, I lived and died with the Buffalo Sabres. I remember the original "We're Gonna Win that Cup." I've even taught my 5-year-old son the chant "Ooh! Aah! Sabres on the Warpath!" And I still get chills (like right now) any time I hear "Thank you, Sabres!"

Besides Danny Gare, the members of the French Connection -- Richard Martin, Gilbert Perreault and Rene Robert -- were my Hockey Gods. I imagine, too, that I'm not alone.

That's why I can't figure out why this image, which I first brought to the attention of the alumni site's Webmaster more than a year ago, remains incorrect.

To me, it's clear as day. If you can't see the errors, though, let me explain:

~ Right winger Robert (pronounced Roe-BARE), wearing No. 14, was a right-handed shot. The image shows him as a lefty.
~ Left winger Martin (pronounced mahr-TAHN), wearing No. 7, shot lefthanded. The image shows him as a righty.
~ Finally, one could even argue that the names above the images misidentify Martin and Robert.

Am I being too picky? I don't think so. If this was from a 12-year-old kid's Web site, I'd understand. But, for crying out loud, this is the team's alumni association. It's embarrassing, if you ask me.

And, to the best of my knowledge, Gilbert Perreault is pronounced Jzhil-bare Pear-roe



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