We're with you, Hannu

Hey Hannu:

I heard the news that you’re headed down to Providence. Hopefully, it’ll be a short stay.

While you’re down there, though, take some time for yourself. Head out to the ocean. Feed some seagulls. Grab a cup of coffee (Avoid Starbucks, though, if you know what I mean) and walk along the river or around the neighborhoods near Brown. If you’re up for it, take a ride out to T.F. Green and watch the jets.

Either way, buddy, go clear your head.

Stop thinking about injuries. Stop thinking about bad goals. Stop thinking about breaking in new pads. Stop thinking about changing numbers. Though I know it’s easier said than done, you’ve got to stop thinking about, well, thinking.

And, if you have sustained a concussion (or two) recently, as some have suggested, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a doctor. Remember, it takes more of a man to admit pain than it does to hide it.

You must know, too, that you have a ton of support. The truest fans, including a young one down here in Florida where your signed goalie stick dominates a bedroom wall, know that you haven’t forgotten how to play the position. It’s good, too, that you’re young. We know a bright future lies ahead of you.

Playing goal is about two things –- positioning and reflexes. Sure, positioning does take some initial thought. In time, though, it becomes intuitive. As for your reflexes, buddy, there are no doubts.

None whatsoever.

We’ll see you soon.

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