Better than expected

Seeing that the Philadelphia Flyers would be playing in Tampa following their embarrassing 9-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night, I wondered how the outcome would affect the team's mood.

After scoring 19 autographs, including eight pucks, I'm happy to say that most of the team, other than Mike Richards, were happy to oblige one of the biggest crowds of the year.

Even goalie Robert Esche, who surrendered all nine goals to the Sabres, stopped to sign, including two cards for me. He was asked about the game, but offered no response. I asked Joni Pitkanen, who signed four cards, about it, too. "I don't know what was going on," he told me.

Richards, a second-year pro, signed a few, and then left many dealers and hounds, myself included, behind. If you ask me, he looks like he has a perpetual case of hemorrhoids.

As usual, Mike Knuble was pleasant, signing for the house, including a bunch of Swedish items from his year overseas because of the lockout. Knuble, who also signed four cards, was always gracious in Boston, too.

The pucks, show above, are:

Top row -- Flyers: Kyle Calder; Blackhawks: Kyle Calder; Philadelphia Phantoms vs. Providence Bruins: Jeff Carter.
Bottom row -- Flyers: Simon Gagne; Flyers: Sami Kapanen; Whalers: Sami Kapanen.

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Blogger Sully said...

Hi Ron, Sully here, are you having an easier time or harder time graphing down in Flordida? Must be nice not be worrying about the cold weather! You know how much fun it is waiting in front of the Ritz in the middle of winter with the wind whipping through the streets and up my pant legs, brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Hope your enjoying your new life in your new community, talk to you later..


12:11 PM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

Hey, Sully, how's it going?

Hounding is definitely better, mainly because most of the players are in a good mood (now that it's getting cooler up north) and because there's no need to bundle up and/or brave the elements.

We bought half-season tickets to the Lightning, so that help, too.

The Lightning practice facility is not as easy as Ristuccia, but most will stop.

Like I've said before, they are far more dealers in Tampa than Boston. They use their kids, ailing parents, girlfriends, etc., to add to their hauls.

12:12 AM  

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