Three-and-a-half questions

~ Did you see the hit that Calgary's Robyn Regehr put on Montreal's Aaron Downey earlier tonight? The dazed look on Downey's face as he was being helped off the ice reminded me of Philadelphia's R.J. Umberger after he got his clock cleaned by Buffalo's Brian Campbell during last year's playoffs.

~ Speaking of Flyers-Sabres matchups, can anyone tell me why Philadelphia coach Ken Hitchcock didn't spare goalie Robert Esche the embarrassment of giving up nine goals? Granted, I'm tickled that the Sabres hammered the Flyers, but I always thought that Hitchcock was a classier coach than that. Maybe I'll ask him Thursday morning.

Addendum: Thanks to The Hockey News' Quote of the Day, I have my answer: "I don't try getting in his head, that's for sure. ... It's an empty place." -- Flyers goalie Robert Esche when asked, prior to Tuesday's 9-1 loss, why coach Ken Hitchcock decided to give him the start against the Sabres. Upon hearing his goalie's comments, Hitchcock responded simply by saying, "Tit for tat."

Addendum 2: On Sunday, Oct. 22, Bob Clarke resigned as general manager of the Flyers. The team also fired Ken Hitchcock.

~ Should fans beware of team mascots, especially if they're wearing a jersey for the visiting team? Thunderbug, the Tampa Bay Lightning's overzealous mascot, was trying to have a little fun last night when he playfully picked up a child wearing a Hurricanes jersey, turned him upside down and pretended to put him into a trash can. Needless to say, it scared the wits out of the little boy. That child, unfortunately, was my son. Though I resisted the urge to do the same to Thunderbug, I've filed a complaint with the Lightning. We'll see what happens.

~ Was that you, Chuck Massaro? If it was, say hello to the Olean Times Herald gang for me.


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