Wish we were there

Even though we're 1,200 miles to the south, it seems that Colin and I were part of a party last night in Boston.

Four Bruins players -- Andrew Alberts, Wayne Primeau, Yan Stastny and Mark Stuart -- participated in a celebrity bartending event and, after checking in with a guest, our allegiance to the Black and Gold was honored several times with raised glasses of frosty beverages.

I also hear that Alby kept his promise and delivered the favor that I asked of him. I have photographic proof, but will respect the privacy of those involved for fear of retribution the next time our paths cross.


Blogger Jaci said...

Heehee, thanks for respecting the privacy. I keep remembering random details from the night that I keep forgetting. Less drinking for me next time.

12:57 PM  

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