Addicted to hockey? Round II

Here’s another dozen ways to determine whether you or someone you love might be obsessed with hockey if you or they . . .

~ Order the NHL Center Ice full-season package from your local cable television provider early on a Sunday morning, just in case the lines might be busy. Unfortunately, you learn that the company is understaffed at that time. Getting the early-bird price of $149 helps, though.

~ Get excited about pulling a Matt Carle rookie card (shown above) from a pack of 2006-07 Victory. By the way, he won the 2005-06 Hobey Baker Memorial Award as the nation's best collegiate player in only his junior year. Carle, from Anchorage, Alaska, was an All-American co-captain defenseman with the University of Denver Pioneers.

~ Refer to the cubicle walls in your office as halfboards.

~ Honestly believe your predictions for the upcoming NHL season will come true, millions will notice and all 30 teams will seek out your skills and expertise.

~ Walk against the flow of pedestrian traffic as a way to practice your on-ice moves.

~ Spend 10 minutes looking for a single Shean Donovan card.

~ You consider buying a home in Ellenton, Florida, so you can be within a 10-minute drive of the hockey rink where your son plays.

~ You know that hockey Hall of Famer Peter Stastny is the father of Yan Stastny, a center for the Boston Bruins, and Paul Stastny, (Thanks Jaci) a center with the Colorado Avalanche, and Anton and Marian are their uncles.

~ You know when your local newspaper misspells Steve Konowalchuk’s last name in a headline. I'll bring it to their attention on Monday.

~ Are possibly the only fan in the Tampa Bay area who has a Doug Janik card from his days with the AHL’s Rochester Americans.

~ Know it’s only a matter of time before Dallas' Mike Ribeiro ends up here.

~ Develop a complicated formula (No, I won’t share or explain; it’s proprietary information) to gauge the rankings of the NHL’s top young forwards, defensemen and goalies.

~ Immediately update your hounding trophy cases any time you bring home pieces of hockey history.

And just in case you missed the first round of questions, click here. Be honest and enjoy!



Anonymous Jaci said...

I ordered Center Ice late last night, in hopes that there might be a late game on because the Bruins game wasn't enough of a hockey fix.

Instead, I sat by my laptop all night listening to the Ducks/Coyotes game. (Coyotes won 2-1 in OT.)

Peter Stastny is also the father of Paul Stastny, who is currently with the Colorado Avalanche. I think that's his name anyway.

Another way to determine whether you're addicted to hockey is if during the Sox rain delay, NESN shows the Bruins season preview and you sit there, naming the Bruins to your grandmother with extra information about each player.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Jaci said...

Thought of another one earlier.

You know you're addicted to hockey when you spend most of July playing NHL 2006 on PS2 because it gets you closer to hockey. (I won't mention about not actually "playing" and "watching" the games instead.) I got so annoyed when it didn't have the current players on the Bruins and kept rejecting the Thornton trade, that I finally gave up.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous drew said...

"Develop a complicated formula (No, I won’t share or explain; it’s proprietary information) to gauge the rankings of the NHL’s top young forwards, defensemen and goalies."

Hockey sabermetrics? *Drooling with anticipation for the time when this finally becomes as big as it is in baseball*

12:58 PM  

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