Healthy attitude

One would think that playing on a last-place team that’s eliminated from the playoffs would turn the players into a grousing, disagreeable lot. In the case of the Florida Panthers, that would be the furthest from the truth.

Other than the quirky Eddie Belfour, there were no complaints along Channelside Drive today. Every player stopped to sign. Most, save for Jozef Stumpel, signed multiples. Some, like Stephen Weiss, even joked with fans.

Colin, on his second day of spring break, did pretty darn good. He got 17 players, including Jay Bouwmester, Nathan Horton, Olli Jokinen and Juraj Kolnik, to sign his team sheet.

Also, take a look at Mike Van Ryn’s letter-perfect autograph (middle, below spot where plam tree and stick cross). That, my friends, doesn’t happen too often.

I added another 28 autographs, including five pucks, to the collection.

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