I'm not surprised

Though I'm glad to hear that Philadelphia's Todd Fedoruk sustained no major injuries after getting knocked out recently by New York Rangers tough guy Colton Orr, it's about time the league's fighters are learning -- the hard way -- why I coined the "One-Punch" nickname for the enforcer back when he was with the Bruins.

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Blogger Drew said...

Orr has inflicted so much damage already in the NHL-- 3 broken noses, 3 TKO's, a cut up Jody Shelley, a broken orbital bone, and now add a KO to the resume. This guy could pass Kocur, Ray, and Twist in terms of damage done to other fighters,

7:42 PM  
Anonymous JLS said...

ORR Vs. Boogaard, now I would pay good money to see that one....I would also like to see Orr Vs. Peters and hopefully knock Peters right out of hockey. I love the Sabres but can't stand Peters and how he fights...like a girl...cmon, be a man and go toe to toe..

9:10 PM  

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