Addicted to Hockey? Round VI

Here's another dozen ways to, indeed, tell if you're in need of snap shot to the melon:

~ Can't wait to have New Jersey's Martin Brodeur sign the blocker glove.

~ Wear a goal light, attached firmly to a sticker-covered hard hat, upon your head for use at the appropriate moments.

~ Spend every last dime, except those mingling in the dust and crumbs of your couch/sofa/davenport/recliner, for playoff tickets knowing full well that you're team will be one-and-done this year.

~ Have a goldfish named Rogie.

~ Maintain hope that Detroit's Todd Bertuzzi will someday play a full season. C'mon! Who am I kidding? I'll be surprised if he plays another 100 games in the NHL.

~ Willing to wade into hostile territory, such as Madison Square Garden or Joe Louis Arena, and root for the Islanders and Sharks, respectively.

~ Still believe that Pittsburgh Penguins management should've explored all options.

~ Willing to bask in the warmth of another gorgeous spring day in balmy Florida, shooting the breeze and snagging some autographs. Many times, I visualized that while weathering sub-freezing temperatures along windswept Avery Street near Boston's Downtown Crossing. It worked, too.

~ Look forward to your state's high school hockey championship game. In Florida.

~ Speaking of Florida (for the third time, no less), you try to get the Panthers' Martin Gelinas to sign four pucks -- Carolina, Edmonton, Quebec and Vancouver's old black-red-and-yellow flying skate logo.

~ Sign all of your bill-paying checks with a well-used silver Sharpie.

~ Routinely achieve the full moisture-wicking powers of the new RBK Edge uniform system.

And, just like the bagel shop a little way up the street, here's a baker's dozen of the countless ways that you can tell that you're addicted to hockey:

~ As a Sabres fan, you get an uneasy feeling every time you see Martin Biron in a Flyers uniform.

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Anonymous bri said...

good luck with the Brodeur sig... and yes my pet is definitely named Rogie, lol

2:22 AM  
Anonymous JLS said...

Marty in a Flyers uni is like Jesus in Reeboks.

9:06 PM  

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