A true dilemma

One of the most misused words in the English language is dilemma. Most folks, even those who have a college diploma, incorrectly believe the word means a single difficult choice. What dilemma means is having to choose between two equally unappealing choices.

Here’s an example. New York’s Michael Nylander showed a veteran touch yesterday, grabbing a single blue Sharpie and signing an item for those gathered near the team hotel. And while I’m appreciative of his gesture, I walked away with my first, out of 1,170 in the collection, puck (shown above) signed in blue ink.

My dilemma? I faced a decision to accept an oddity, so to speak, and let him sign a puck with a blue Sharpie. Or I could have pulled the puck away, forfeiting an addition to the collection, in hopes that he’d sign in silver ink during his next trip to Tampa.

As you can see, having blue ink on a puck was the least unappealing choice.

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