Review: 2006-07 ITG Heroes and Prospects

They may not be the cheapest cards in the world, but I seldom quibble over the price for a box of In The Game's Heroes and Prospects hockey cards. The 2006-07 edition, the third such release of the line, certainly doesn't disappoint.

Crisp photography, clean design and a decent lineup, including Angelo Esposito, Evgeni Malkin and John Tavares (shown above), should draw plenty of attention from collectors and hounds alike. Besides, it helps to keep independent ITG in the game.

Granted, this year's edition doesn't feature the first-card star power of Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby or Malkin, but if you're lucky, you'll draw a memorabilia card with one of the biggest swatches of game-used fabric you'll ever see.

Because the cards don't qualify as "true" rookie cards (though some are definitely worth putting away), most become an integral part of my autograph stock. Once a player has been in the league for a season or two, and their rookie cards are tucked safely away, I'll use their AHL or junior cards from these ITG sets to round out my four-card setups.

My only criticism, though, is ITG's update set offer. Spending another $34.95 (with pack wrappers) to $39.95 for 50 cards seems a little steep. Knock $10 off the price and it would become, at least in my opinion, a tad more palatable.

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