Clearing the books

Before we start Hound Central's new weekly trivia extravaganza, it's important that we provide the answers to last week's year-ending contest and quizzes.

What's This? 1.17: Yes, Jaci, it was a hockey version of Mr. Potato Head. Did you notice the blacked-out teeth and helmet? With the win, Hound Central 2.0 readers finished 2006 with a 12-5 record. This year, I promise, will be more difficult.

Player-name scramble: 1.) Darcy Hordichuk; 2.) Antti Miettinen; 3.) Radek Dvorak (C'mon, Drew, I thought that was an easy one); 4. Andrew Raycroft; and 5.) Duvie Wescott

Team quiz: 1.) D; 2.) A; 3.) E; 4.) B; and 5.) C



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