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Hound Central 2.0's honorary sports-trivia guru, Drew "The Schwab" Pelto, continued his impressive streak of knowledge by offering nothing but correct answers in both of last week's quizzes.

Though I know that Drew keeps himself very busy, one has to wonder where he finds the time for gain his encyclopedic knowledge. Perhaps on all those bus trips with the Wichita Falls Wildcats.

Let's see how he, as well as anyone else willing to try, fares this week:

Player-name scramble

Unscramble the following letters to reveal the names of five NHL players:

1.) Racyd Dukhchoir
2.) Taint Timenine
3.) Arked Kodvar
4.) Weanrd Factorry
5.) Edvui Stocwet

Team quiz

Match the following teams to their developmental leagues:

1.) Marquette Rangers
2.) Gatineau Olympiques
3.) Lincoln Stars
4.) Swift Current Broncos
5.) Owen Sound Attack


Last week's correct answers:

Player-name scramble

1.) Jaroslav Spacek
2.) Kristian Huselius
3.) Michal Roszival
4.) Vincent Lecavalier
5.) Antoine Vermette

Team quiz

1.-E; 2.-D; 3.-A; 4.-B; and 5.-C

As always, I appreciate those who participate. Readers should leave answers in a comment. No sign-up is necessary.

Correct answers for both will appear next week.

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Blogger Drew said...

I'm late on it this week! Our wireless internet was being really dodgy, and I have family in town, but I'll give it a go now. I'm not sure this went through the first time, so I'm sending again.

1. Darcy Hordichuk
2. Antti Mietinen
3. Drake R. Vodka. No idea really!
4. Andrew Raycroft
5. Duvie Westcott

1. D (Ended Mahoning Valley's winning streak)
2. A
3. E
4. B
5. C

3:40 PM  

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