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Well, what do you know? I was finally able to get one past sports-trivia guru, Drew "The Schwab" Pelto in last week's quizzes. While getting every other answer correct, I was able to stump him with Edrina Stysktino, or Montreal's Andrei Kostitsyn.

Either way, this guy really knows his stuff.

With any luck, most of you will have some time off this holiday-filled week to take a crack at these:

Player-name scramble

Unscramble the following letters to reveal the names of five NHL players:

1.) Slovjaar Akpecs
2.) Strinkia Shelusiu
3.) Imlach Zoarvils
4.) Cventin Cvalearile
5.) Noatine Treevmet

Team quiz

Match the following teams to their developmental leagues:

1.) Lewiston Maineiacs
2.) Mahoning Valley Phantoms
3.) Sioux City Musketeers
4.) Plymouth Whalers
5.) Kootenay Ice


Last week's correct answers:

Player-name scramble

1.) Patrick Marleau
2.) Henrik Lundqvist
3.) Brian McGrattan
4.) Francois Beauchemin
5.) Andrei Kostitsyn

Team quiz

1.-B; 2.-E; 3.-A; 4.-C; and 5.-D

As always, I appreciate those who participate. Readers should leave answers in a comment. No sign-up is necessary.

Correct answers for both will appear next week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 Jaroslav Spacek (after last night's slew-foot on Scott Nichol, I propose calling him Sissy Spacek)

2 Kristian Huselius

3 Michal Roszival (Czech and Slovakian names always take me the longest to figure out, with all those crazy S's and Z's; we got lucky, the only Slovakian player's last name for the Wildcats is Hrtus-- relatively easy)

4 Vincent Lecavalier

5 Antoine Vermette

1. E
2. D (Currently on a 19-game winning streak!)
3. A
4. B
5. C

12:37 PM  

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