Hockey Arcade 1.1

What's this? 2.1

As promised, this year's items will be considerably more difficult, Or, at least, that's what I'm hoping. After getting spanked last year by Readers, 12-5, I'm looking to even the playing field.

Now, I won't be vindictive. They won't be so hard that they'll discourage you from playing, but they should be a little less obvious.

And, as always, the items will be related to hockey.

Who am I?

1.) Almin Crajinu
2.) Anlno Kynamno
3.) Lecjony Bathilut
4.) Ekniv Skabie
5.) Regoge Srapro

Team quiz
Match the following teams to their developmental leagues:

1.) Barrie Colts
2.) Moncton Wildcats
3.) Brandon Wheat Kings
4.) Bismarck Bobcats
5.) Green Bay Gamblers


They play the game
Match the player to his professional team:

1.) Adam Henrich
2.) Phil Gianfrancesco
3.) Travis Banga
4.) Greg Watson
5.) Nick Bootland

A.) Memphis Riverkings
B.) Pensacola Ice Pilots
C.) Kalamazoo Wings
D.) Johnstown Chiefs
E.) Florida Seals

Puckhound's brain buster

The Chicago Steel named what former NHL defenseman as its coach?

O! Canada

In living proof that men are pigs, here's a weekly review of Canadian national treasures.

To participate, leave your answers in a comment. Thanks.



Blogger slegr_71 said...

Hmmm, I'll try the who am I:
1) Milan Jurcina
2) Nolan Yonkman
3) no clue (closest I can come up with is Jocelyn Thibault, but the letters don't match)
4) Kevin Bieksa
5) George Parros

8:45 PM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

Slegr_71 is absolutely correct. The letters didn't match up. They should now. Sorry.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

Well, since Slegr nailed the names, I'll go for the teams.

1. C
2. D
3. B
4. E
5. A

Steel named Steve Poapst as head coach. Until I had heard about that, I thought he was still playing somewhere.

As for the "They Play the Game" section, off the top of my head, I know Bootland is with Kalamazoo. And for some reason, I'm thinking Henrich is with Johnstown. Other than those, I'd have to look up the names to even have the slightest idea.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

That's funny, but I was thinking the same thing about Steve Poapst. I was sorting through cards and wondered where we has playing this year.

8:59 PM  

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