A goal is a goal is a goal

Years from now, Tampa Bay's pesky Eric Perrin will gather his grandchildren around him and spin a yarn about his first goal in the NHL.

He'll tell them it came during a must-win road game for the Lightning. He'll add it came against the hated Flyers, capping a 5-2 victory for Tampa Bay. He'll tell them it was a shorthanded goal, too.

Do you think, though, he'll tell them it was an empty-netter?

I bet he will. Perrin plays an honest game. I'm glad to see his hustle and hard work rewarded. I just hope someone remembered to get the puck.


Blogger Drew said...

Eric Perrin, there's a flash from the past.

Former Cleveland Lumberjack while I was living there. 1997-98 season, where he was a teammate of current Lightning teammate Martin St. Louis, along with a few other former NHL names the hardcore fans out there will recognize-- Brett Harkins, Joe Dziedzic, current AHL coach Dave Basseggio, Rob Pearson, Dale DeGray, Jason Bonsignore, Lane Lambert, Steve Kelly, Rick Hayward, Jock Callander, Jim Paek, Mark Osborne, Derek Wilkinson.

Man, those were the days.

7:42 AM  

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