What's this? 1.9

I learned a long time ago, while playing on a not-so-talented Bath Ruth League baseball team, how to lose. As a pitcher who threw either six inches off the plate or right down the middle, I was one of the main contributors.

Looking back, though, there was a valuable lesson to be learned. To learn how to win, you must endure defeat.

Lately, I've been getting my butt kicked in these weekly features. Last week was different. Though only one person guessed at the item, I'm delighted, though somewhat suspicious of the miniscule turnout, to report that the losing streak is over.

Despite the win, Readers have a comfortable 6-2 lead.

Last week's item, in the spirit of Halloween, was a goalie mask featuring a painting of a carved pumpkin. I thought it would be pretty easy.

This week's item, shown above, is hockey-related. Specificity is the key.

Good luck.


Blogger Drew said...

Seems to be something Zamboni related, but specifically what, I'm really not sure.

It's a guess, but I'm going with the sign out in front of the Zamboni company's world headquarters.

6:09 PM  

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