All is forgiven ... maybe

Every sports teams, from the lowest levels of the minor leagues to the top-tiered professionals, has a mascot. The Tampa Bay Lightning are no different. Its name is Thunder Bug.

A few weeks ago, when the Carolina Hurricanes were in town, Colin had the opportunity to meet Thunder Bug. Unfortunately, it didn't go so well.

Colin, you see, was wearing a Hurricanes jersey, a sign of his loyalty to Cam Ward and Eric Staal, whom he met several times when they played for the Lowell (Mass.) Lock Monsters during the NHL lockout. Kiddingly, Thunder Bug took exception to Colin's wardrobe.

That kidding ended, however, when Thunder Bug picked up Colin, turned him upside down and carried him over to a trash can. While some saw the humor, one little five-year-old boy didn't (His reaction was caught on film). Nor did his father (that's me), who intervened a little too late and asked Thunder Bug if he'd like for me to do the same to him. (He didn't, and in a remarkable show of restraint, I didn't.)

Thankfully, the two were able to make amends. All it took was an autograph on a puck, Colin's first in Florida. Another picture, this time in a more gentile setting, helped, too.

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