Someone's getting anxious

Colin keeps counting the days until our first hockey game of the season. He knows the Bruins will be in town and he'll get a chance to meet his buddy, Bruins star Patrice Bergeron, for the first time since we moved to Florida.

Since Saturday, he's had his Bergeron jersey laid out on his rocking chair. He can't wait to wear it. Even more, he can't wait to get it autographed.

"He's the only one I want on my Patrice jersey," he said.

He's certain, too, that he'll get it signed.

"He'll sign it," Colin said. "Because he's my favorite player."

In the meantime, we're working behind the scenes to facilitate a blockbuster deal between our hometown Lightning and the Bruins, bringing Bergeron to the Sunshine State.

"I want to see his #37 for the Lightning," Colin said.

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