Jonesin' for hockey

It's not that I truly miss living in New England, but I certainly wish I was there, spending a week of vacation. Sure, it would be nice to get away from Florida's heat and humidity for a couple days hanging out with family and friends. And I wouldn't turn down the offer of a steamed Maine lobster.

But what really has given me a mild case of homesickness, so to speak, is that there's some hockey taking place this week. The Boston Bruins are holding a development camp in Wilmington, Mass., bringing in prospects -- from sure-fire NHLers to those playing out a dream.

The camp, held through Saturday at the Ristuccia Memorial Rink, promises more than the welcome chill of a rink and a sneak peak at the team's future. It also means a week of judicious hounding, namely loading up on some stars-in-making who hopefully still get a thrill out of signing autographs.

Had I been there, my hounding efforts would focus on three players. First and foremost, there's the Bruins' top-rated prospect, goalie Tuukka Rask. First-rounders Matt Lashoff (22nd overall in the 2005 draft), a defenseman who played in Boston and Providence last season, and Zach Hamill, (eighth overall in the 2007 draft), a center with the Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League, are also puckworthy.

Beyond that, I'm not so sure. Still, though, it's hockey, and hounding, in July. For me, September can't come soon enough.



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