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With all the hockey news that's been taking place over the past few days (Bruins firing Dave Lewis, Senators dumping John Muckler, etc.), the Philadelphia Flyers made the biggest splash. In trading a No. 1 pick to Nashville (the pick came from Nashville in the Peter Forsberg trade) , the Flyers added a quality forward in Scott Hartnell and a solid defenseman in Kimmo Timonen. Philadelphia keeps stockpiling talent, enough to make the Flyers a much more formidable opponent this season.

And, in Beantown

If Bruins fans believe that the hiring of Claude Julien solves all of the team's problems, it's going to be another long season along Causeway Street. Why? It's easy. The lack of sustainable offense, an easy-to-crack defense and a true starting goalie is simply too much for a coach to deal with. I wish Julien (who got a raw deal in New Jersey, if you ask me) the best of luck. He's gonna need it.

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Blogger Drew said...

Julien has the personality of a doorknob, and Chiarelli proved himself to be a total idiot. He says he wanted a tougher team and a team that would answer the bell... and he gets Julien?

So the Bruins fire O'Connell and bring in his clone, then a coach that fits right into the Lewis-Sullivan mold. Great.

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