I'll pass on the Parkies

If you like collecting cards of old-school players, the 2006-07 Parkhurst will be just the set for you. For me, though, it's a disappointment. Then again, I was spoiled last year. Not only did that set have 700 cards, meaning 13- to 14-card team sets, but they came autograph-ready. No erasing or other prep work. They are, by far, my favorite cards for hounding.

This year's release, however, takes a step back in time. Besides the big-name stars (Jean Beliveau, Bob Baun, Bobby Orr, etc.) of days long past, you'll also find cards for Boston's Willie O'Ree, Buffalo's Danny Gare (shown above), Calgary's Hakan Loob, Hartford's Kevin Dineen and New York's Reijo Ruotsalaine.

You can even get a card of ESPN's analyst Barry Melrose, from his days of coaching the Los Angeles Kings. Though the trademark mullet is in full bloom (and noticeably darker), it's a shame he's not wearing one of his zoot-suit pinstripe numbers.

Still, though, that's hardly enough to get me to buy a box. Even the promise, but no guarantee, of four autographed cards fails to inspire. The Enforcers subset elicits a yawn.

I can see producing an old-timers set, perhaps even using the Parkhurst name, during the lockout, but not now. I'm sure there is a market for this product, I'm just not in it.

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