On second thought

A week before the season started, I foolishly picked the Sabres to fall to the Rangers for the Eastern Conference championship. Now, a day before they meet in an Eastern semifinal, I certainly won't mind being wrong.

This series against New York will be a good test. Buffalo faces a tough goalie in Henrik Lundqvist. Stars Jaromir Jagr, Michael Nylander and Brendan Shanahan have a ton of playoff experience. This isn't going to be easy. Not in the least bit.

The Sabres, who last played the Rangers on Dec. 1, swept the four-game regular-season series. Buffalo won the opener, 7-4. Two games ended in overtime. A shootout decided the team's final game.

All in all, though, I believe the Sabres have enough speed to outskate and skill to outscore a more veteran New York squad. And I'd take Ryan Miller over Lundqvist any day. It may take seven games, but the Sabres will advance to play for the Prince of Wales trophy.

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