Two are better than none

Chances are, you've noticed that this posting has replaced one that detailed a very disappointing trip to hound the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now that I've had time to think about, none of what happened truly surprises me, my own conduct included.

And, as the cards shown above indicate, we didn't go home empty-handed.

What I have decided to do, though, is to take a break from hounding, beginning tomorrow with the Dallas Stars. Sure, we'll go to the game. After that, the Lightning will be on a road trip. I need to refresh my batteries, so to speak, and remember just how much fun this hobby (and that's all it is) can be.

Besides, I need time to catalogue all the pucks we've added to our collection this season.

By March 16, when my hometown Buffalo Sabres come back to Florida, I'll be ready to continue toward the goal of 1,250 pucks in the collection.

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