Finding the silver linings

For no other reason than what's described below, yesterday's hounding of the Pittsburgh Penguins continued a streak of disappointing outings. But rather than dwelling upon it, I'll share some of the highlights of, when all things are considered, a pretty fun day.

~ Taking Colin to lunch at Andreychuk's Grill and watching him recognize jerseys from all the teams that Captain Dave played for during his career. His favorite? The Bruins jersey. Daddy's favorite: The Prince of Wales jersey from the 1990 All Star Game in Pittsburgh.

~ Meeting one of Hound Central 2.0's readers, Angelina, after Colin cleaned up on yet another team sheet (shown above) during the morning session. (Angelina, feel free to participate in the contests. In both cases, including this week's Hockey Arcade, you would have had the correct answer.)

~ In proof that the Hockey Gods smile upon him, Colin was selected to ride the SweetBay Zamboni during the first intermission of the Tampa Bay Lightning's 3-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins. I don't know who was more excited: him or me. (I promise I'll post a picture once it arrives). Even better, though, was that his Nana and Babop, visiting from New Hampshire, were able to witness his Jumbotron Moment, so to speak, at the St. Pete Times Forum.

~ Finally, learning that Penguins fans don't take too kindly to such chants as "Kansas City" and "Overrated" to the floating nonfactor known as Evgeni Malkin.

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