Classic history

Mainstream media will undoubtedly, and deservedly so, turn its attention to Los Angeles goalie Yutaka Fukufuji over the next few days.

Despite getting yanked less than two minutes into the second period of last night's 6-2 loss to Atlanta, Fukufuji, 24, made league history by becoming the first Japanese-born player to
start an NHL game. His NHL debut came Saturday against St. Louis.

Hopefully, Fukufuji, born in Kushiro, Japan, will still be on the Kings' roster when Los Angeles visits Tampa on Feb. 6. If he isn't, though, I won't be disappointed. I saw him play, and had him
sign a couple pucks, more than a year ago.

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Anonymous bri said...

DEFINITELY get him to sign something in Japanese characters sometime!!

it's really neat, the best signature going

4:26 PM  

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