When I set up a book of cards for hounding, I try to have at least two cards for every player. Most times, though, especially when a player has a few seasons and the resulting cards under his belt, it's easy to put together a four-card setup.

I try to use a card from each team a player has been with or, at the least, the different variations of a team uniform (home, home and third jerseys). Sure, it may take a little longer, but it does increase the total depth of a collection.

More often than not, too, players will sign all four cards. Today's hounding of the Tampa Bay Lightning, following their morning skate in preparation of the Washington Capitals, provided three such instances where players signed all four cards.

And though they may not rank among the NHL's uber-elite, it shows the length that Marc Denis, Luke Richardson and Andre Roy go to reach out to fans.

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