Please, not Upper Deck

Not that I'm any kind of antitrust overlord, but news that Upper Deck has made an unsolicited bid to buy the Topps Co. is truly unsettling. Market conditions have allowed Upper Deck to gobble up most of its competitors. Sadly, Topps could be its next, and biggest, conquest.

Allowing this deal would leave the industry with one, flippin' huge 1,764-pound gorilla. From a consumer's point of view, I want choices. Lots of them, too. As it stands, I can hardly voice my disapproval with Upper Deck by buying hockey products from competitors.

Though this deal will have its greatest impact on baseball cards, I believe that Upper Deck's track record in hockey, where it places a greater premium on high-end cards, provides a glimpse of things to come for baseball collectors.

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Blogger Drew said...

Sadly, I read an article about 12 years ago, a fiction piece on the future of baseball card collecting in 2010, and in it, Upper Deck had bought out Topps.

Granted, it still had Score, Fleer, and Donruss around as their own brands (and Pacific had not been a major player as no one could have predicted their meteoric rise in 1995), but that's beside the point.

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