Thank St. Dominik

Sorry for the delay (work and all), but I can only imagine what it's like back in Western New York, now that the Sabres sent the Islanders on summer vacation. Has fandemonium set in yet? We have to remember, though, that it's just one series. Buffalo still needs a dozen victories.

Ryan Miller 's sick, rolling Slinky-like series of saves, first denying New York's Miroslav Satan, a former Sabre, and then covering Alexei Yashin's sly bank-shot attempt, should go down in Sabres lore. The instinctual twisting and toss of Miller's arm looked familiar, didn't it? It reminded me of Detroit's Dominik Hasek, the best goalie in Sabres history.

Bottom line -- Buffalo's speed and offense, as well as Miller's series-winning save, proved to be too much for the Islanders. To be honest, I didn't expect the Sabres to win so easily.

By the way, the whiskers are getting itchy.

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Anonymous jls said...

I wouldn't exactly call it a easy series. A few calls the other way and we still might be talking about this series and who is gonna win it. It was a physical series with most of the physical coming from the Islander side of it. This causes me some concern because they showed to the rest of the league that you can throw the Sabres off their game and slow them down. The competition only gets better from here so I prefer to withhold judgement for now....on another note, seeing since your from the ol' hometown, I can forgive you for mentioning Ryan Miller and Dom in the same posting.....as great as he was in Buffalo, the sour taste he left in the mouths of all of Sabre nation lingers to this day and he is for the most part reviled in most of WNY. There is no denying his goaltending greatness, but as a human being, he leaves something to be desired.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

I didn't say we had to like Dom, it's just that his style, which took the Sabres as far as they've been since 1999, influences many other goalies. Thankfully, Ryan is one of those.

I guess it shows, too, just how long I've been away. We seldom get home to visit. I've tried a couple times to get into the News, but I'm not the only one and openings are pretty rare these days.

10:30 PM  

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