Sabres dance

For the first time since 1979-80, the season western New York disappeared in my rear-view mirror, the Buffalo Sabres will finish atop their conference.

Back then, they called it the Wales. The trophy? Ask the prince. It's in his name. These days, geography, time zones and travel set the precedence.

With an emphatic 4-1 victory over possible playoff opponent Pittsburgh earlier tonight, Buffalo clinched the East.

It's a very good time to believe in the Sabres, isn't it?



Anonymous Grae said...

Well they've got three rounds till picking up the Prince of Whales trophy, if they touch it considering the superstition. The Canes touched it in 2002 and we know how that went, no one got near it last year :). Clinching the regular season conference is quite an accomplishment.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

I guess I was a little presumptious awarding the Sabres the conference title, eh? Hopefully, this updated version is more on the point.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous JLS said...

Anytime is a good time to be a Sabres fan as long as your are true blue and gold....but what the heck, if anyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, lets enjoy the ride together....Let's Go Buffalo!!!!!!!!!!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Puckhound said...

Considering all that prime farming land south of Buffalo, I'm pretty sure we could rustle up a few extra hay wagons, don'tcha think?

3:18 PM  

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