*@%*^#&* weather!

It always happens. You spend a couple hours getting cards, pucks, a media guides and a jersey put together for your favorite team and Mother Nature decides today is the day that she'll send waves of thunderstorms rolling across your area.

It's cloudy now, but we're expecting heavy thunderstorms in less than an hour

Sadly, today's sessions for the Sabres and the Lightning prove that hounding, just like baseball, can get rained out. Maybe they'll meet in the playoffs.

I guess I'll go pick some oranges before it starts pouring out.

Addendum: A break in the storms allowed for a trip over. It wasn't too productive, but getting Sabres' goalie Ryan Miller to sign a jersey was a highlight. We'll be heading back over for game time. Hopefully, Mother Nature has had her fun for the day.



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